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Exceptional accomodation for individual needs.

About Haven Independent Living

Rooms to let with independent living in mind

People with a disability have a right to choice and control over their lives so they can live as independently as possible. They are not given the choices and opportunities that many of us take for granted, such as deciding where and who to live with or what to do during the day.

People with a disability have a right to choice and to control their own lives. We at Haven Independent Living believe that all people with a disability should achieve this, and the charity we work with does just that.

Our clients are supported by various care providers including R.O.C (Robert Owen Communities) & New Key charities dedicated to meeting the individual needs of their clients. The residents clean, care for the garden, do the shopping, go to the gym. The clients are also supported in their hobbies, work life and their financial matters.

So with a combination of our care providers & Haven Independent Living, they enjoy each other's company and relish the independence, that this exceptional accommodation & support offers them.

You can help

We are currently looking for more houses suitable for the needs of disabled people and have contacts with various care providers who are looking for homes for people they are supporting.

Alternatively, you may be an investor who would like to earn high rates of interest whilst supporting a very worthwhile cause. So if you want to generate the earn extra income on your savings and would like an ethical investment, please contact us.

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