Why choose Haven Independent Living?

Friendly, professional and straight forward house shares.

Many of our clients wish to live independently, and embrace the opportunity to learn to live with the complexities and stress of everyday life. We offer professionally tailored accommodation, innovative solutions and unrivaled service.

Haven Independent Living is a social enterprise aimed at producing top quality housing for disabled people and the benefits of choosing a Haven Independent Living property are:

  1. We enable Independent Living
  1. We help clients to enjoy the things that matter
  1. We provide exceptional accommodation suited to the individuals and

We are currently renting 3 houses to disabled people and are committed to developing and expanding this model. The properties are warm, well equipped and well maintained, with energy efficient heating systems and plenty of bathrooms.

The houses we own in Paignton are newly refurbished to the highest possible standards, each catering fully for the needs of disabled people. These houses are currently shared between 8 people across the two large homes.

In Ivybridge our small 1 bedroom bungalow is the cherished new home of a young lady, who has worked hard, studying at college for 3 years to enable her to gain her independence and live alone. The young lady has also started a job working with Work Haven and so is contributing to her local community.